Lilien Lab
Department of Computer Science
Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research
University of Toronto

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(Last update: 19/03/2010)
Please cite CryoBayes as:

Jaitly, N., Brubaker, M.A., Rubinstein, J.L. and Lilien, R.H. A Bayesian Method for 3-D Macromolecular Structure Inference using Class Average Images from Single Particle Electron Microscopy, Bioinformatics, 26(19):2406-15 (2010). Pubmed Link

We provide a Linux package built with glibc4.1 on Ubuntu 9.1 and a Windows package build on Windows Vista using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. See Instructions on how to run the program. Note: The OS X distribution contains a precompiled binary for OS X 10.6.

Ubuntu 9.1 or OS X with glibc4.1 cryobayes-glibc41.tar.gz
Windows Vista with MS Vis Studio 2008

CryoBayes is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Datasets and results from the application of our program to a synthetic dataset, to ATP Synthase, and to GroEL are also available for download: